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Dearborn High School uses Ultimate Workout And Recovery System for their physical education class

Dearborn Public Schools ( and the Dearborn High School has adapted their physical education classes using the Ultimate Workout And Recovery System. UWAR is proud to serve this grat school and the school district. Thank you for the work you do to educate students. Great work.

"My high school adapted physical education class is really enjoying our new "machine" in the weight room. We are using it twice a week in the rotation. This is by far the favorite. The students like the variety of things they can do, that some are easy and there is a way to make the exercises harder. This week I put one chair on each side and two students used it at once." - Colleen Cook, A.P.E.


Dearborn High School

19501 W. Outer Drive
Dearborn, Michigan 48124
T: 313.827.1600

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