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Safety and Installation

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We are excited to announce the following ways for responsible product owners to install our home gym product so EVERYONE in the family can use the product SAFELY and CORRECTLY:

  1. Hire a handyman to tapcon the product into the ground in your chosen workout room as our most highly recommended option at home
    • Click Here to follow links on our website showing how to assemble and use the UWAR product correctly
    • Click Here to find a handyman or contractor in your area to assemble the Ultimate Workout And Recovery System!
  2. Use the extended legs and keep them fully extended on the unit  at ALL TIMES (highly recommended especially if small kids under 5 years old are in the area)
  3. Make sure to use the product AT ALL TIMES where the feet of the recliner, chair or wheelchair are ALWAYS on top of the connected thresholds while you are seated or lying down and the system is in use otherwise there is a risk of the product tipping over and causing injury.
  4. Make sure ALL long cords are away from where small kids under 5 years old can get to them.

Thank you for following our strongly recommended guidelines. Your friends at Team UWAR.

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