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Gretchen Zelek Endorses Ultimate Workout And Recovery

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Functional Aging Specialist & Founder of DOD Fitness
Gretchen Zelek
Endorses Ultimate Workout and Recovery Complete Home Gym

Gretchen Zelek Endorses Ultimate Workout And Recovery

"Finally, a product has been developed to help people in wheelchairs or beds stay fit and strong. The Ultimate Workout and Recovery system is life changing and a must have tool for anyone who wants to exercise but may have limitations."

About DoD Fitness:
The DoD Fitness tools are ergonomically designed and angle specific to provide comfort and support. The knee donuts cradle and support your patella while, unlike a towel or pad, provide a space for your knees so they never come in contact with the floor. The neck circle puts your neck in an ideal neutral position, reducing strain and pressure. The wrist wedges shift the distribution of weight creating less pressure on the wrists. For traditional fitness training, yoga, Pilates, physical therapy- any time on knees, wrists or back!

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