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Larry Centers Endorses Ultimate Workout And Recovery

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Former NFL Player and Super Bowl Champion
and Current Entrepreneur

Larry Centers
Endorses Ultimate Workout and Recovery’s
The "Spider" Complete Home Gym

Larry Centers Endorses Ultimate Workout And Recovery Larry Centers Endorses Ultimate Workout And Recovery

"I played in the National Football League (NFL) for 14 years. Although I loved every minute of it, that type of grueling, high-impactplay definitely takes a toll on the body. But as many aches and pains as I may have, there are older players who are in far worsecondition — players who can only exercise from their wheelchair…or even their bed. So, when I heard about Ultimate Workout and Recovery’s Exercise and Rehab Convenience Gym, which is designed specifically to be used from a seated position, I wanted to do my part to help promote it. In fact, I am helping the In Bed and Chair Recovery Foundation raise funds to purchase this equipment fordisabled players and veterans. And the good news is, the equipment can be used by anyone in the family who wants to get a good workout. So join me in getting your Ultimate Workout and Recovery Gym today — for you, a loved one, or someone in need."

- Larry Centers, 14-year NFL veteran - Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills,Washington Redskins and New England Patriots (Super Bowl Champion)

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