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Superbowl Champ and Fighting Irish Football Legend Marc Edwards Demonstrates the Ultimate Workout And Recovery Gym

Notre Dame Fighting Irish and NFL Superbowl Champ Marc Edwards works out on the Ultimate Workout and Recovery Gym System at The Hope Therapy Ranch in Jacksonville, FL. The Ranch helps Disabled Veterans and Special Needs Families in the Jacksonville region. Marc Edwards visited the specialized therapy based Horse Ranch promoting the uses of the Ultimate Workout and Recovery Gym System (UWAR ) for use by disabled veterans and special needs families at the Hope Therapy Horse Ranch in hopes to draw awareness to what UWAR and Hope Therapy can do together in helping families stuck at home or just looking for new fun healthy and safe creative activities.

Ultimate Workout And Recovery

The UWAR home gym system is a total body strength training adaptive workout with little joint impact. It was designed to work for anyone who has any mobility issues short or long term and is a wheelchair user or even used over a bed.  UWAR provides the best achievable or imaginable result of its kind. Whether maintaining, improving, or recovering your physical and mental strength, get fit in the comfort of your own home from your chair, bed, recliner, or wheelchair. The UWAR home gym is a cutting edge modular, resistance band driven workouts and recovery products and are perfect for any age, ability, or level of athleticism.

Marc Edwards
Marc Edwards is a former NFL Fullback and Superbowl Champion XXXVI.  Originally from Norwood Ohio, he was named Ohio's Mr. Football in 1992  as the state's top player.  At Notre Dame, he was only the second player to ever be carried off the field by his teammates when they defeated The USC Trojans.  Edwards played for several teams, including the San Fransisco 49's, The Cleveland Browns,  the New England Patriots, where he won his Superbowl ring.  Edwards finished his career with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Hope Therapy Horse Ranch
Founded in Northern Florida in 2001 by the dynamic mother-daughter duo, Marianne, and Rebecca Davenport.  Their devotion and enthusiasm for the success of their clients have driven Hope Therapy to become a leading hippotherapy program in Northeast Florida as well as the only PATH Intl. Premier Accredited Center in the region. The Ranch specializes in helping Disabled Veterans and Special Needs Families in the Jacksonville region. It's mission is working with collaborators such as Marc Edwards and the UWAR team,  in  drawing awareness of the partnership towards assisting thousands to in the area with hope strength and independence now more than ever in these trying times.

Learn more by visiting and feel free to contact UWAR through the website for any partnership questions or comments.

Repost from JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - May 23, 2020 - PRLog

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