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Ultimate Workout and Recovery System helping people during the Coronavirus pandemic 2020

As we deal as a Nation here in the USA with the most unusual times featuring a coronavirus pandemic that seemingly came out of nowhere, it forces one to reflect on one's mission and purpose in making the world a better place. When we began our mission to help millions stuck in bed in nursing homes and also now stuck at home originally, which then led to us looking into ways of helping wheelchair users as well deal with adaptive strength training without being able to get up, our focus was based on improving the lives of those millions who are largely ignored but very much deserving of their very own home gym of independence, strength training, cardio, rehab and fitness whether they can afford to or not.

These categories have always been the following: Special needs families, cancer patients who are immuno compromised, those dealing with SCI or TBI, wounded warrior/disabled veterans and then a plethora of categories of those caregivers dealing with loved ones/seniors or clients with dementia, alzheimers, parkinsons and any fall risk category and the lists go on.

Workouts and working out with our unique cutting edge patented home health product is something that any nurse or mother, instructor or caregiver can easily fall in love with. Depression is the silent and invisible enemy that plagues so many categories and in so many different populations that the only best way to fight it is head on-strength training solutions that are portable and that they cannot make excuses for not using! What also makes this truly a breakthrough dream solution, is not only the portability and convenience of a full body fitness routine, but the fact that there is a tremendous sense of confidence of not having to worry about getting germs from a gym or a facility setting, not having to get up and go out in bad weather, not having to worry if you have enough energy-those problems are all solved now.

Home gyms are so critically important and essential for the following reasons as well: Want to fight obesity? Want to battle depression? Want to forget about the major threats involved with fall risks involved with standing while working out? This product solves all those problems. No standing. No problem. Lie down and sit down while getting all the cardio, fitness and strength training you need. No wear and tear on your knees and ankles by working out and doing rehab from your bed or chair. That's the name of our game. Dealing with MS? Stroke? Got a work or sports injury? Yes, we got you.

Stuck In Bed Fitness which was originally intended for pregnant mothers,injured athletes and bedridden seniors in Nursing homes,was created by the idea brought to the attention of the CEO JT from a Mechanical Engineer (Vlad F) who knowing that the CEO, Brander and Marketer of UWAR was a successful wellness specialist for years helping hundreds,may be able to find a big and powerful creative forward thinking much needed fix for the millions ignored who do not have a safe and effective strength training solution from their bed or chair.


Receiving so many powerful endorsements and great testimonials as well as strong partnerships over the years has proven that not only are partnerships and teamwork so critically important to any cause, mission or business,but when you have something so needed and so critically important to the individual who may be forgotten, it's a situation you can never be too grateful for (Just ask Dr S., the UWAR COO).

Being of service to making the world a better place for millions stuck in bed or using a wheelchair whether short or long term due to injury surgery or disability, any age and any stage,is something worth fighting for and ambitiously pursuing. In closing, we believe every single wheelchair user and those who are in bed who cannot get up, deserve to have our home gym that is completely adaptive and everyone in the family can use as well TOGETHER.

Every child, senior and mom can have a total body workout from their den, not just from their bedroom. Since we had some pilates ideas in mind when creating this, there are some creative ways of using this one stop shop all in one home gym for the entire family from a recliner or la-z-boy. This workout invention on wheels, swiss army knife, fitness and rehab for all mission based home gym product is something to write home about and we will continue to prove this for years to come. We are excited to be of service in the times we are in especially now while people are nervous and concerned about the germs in facilities and gyms, we are THE Ultimate anti-germy gym home gym solution for everyone-Stay at home, stay in bed or chair, stay safe and get strong-no more excuses.  Learn more at product pages on how best to order.

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