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Wheelers Paramill

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Ultimate Workout and Recovery has partnered with Wheelers' Paramill to offer you the Wheelers' Paramill. Check out the video below or contact us for more information or visit their website at

  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Digital Touchscreen Monitor
  • Fits all Manual Wheelchairs
  • Split and single rollers for tailored workout
  • Pulse & Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Backward and Forward Push
  • Safe and Independent clamping system
  • USB port for progress tracking with WiFi capabilities
  • Removable Ramp Included

Wheelers' Paramill

Wheelers' Paramill is a USA company founded by Larry Pestes of Oregon. After injuring his spinal cord in a motorcycle accident, Larry spent years researching ways for wheelchair users to rehabilitate and exercise independently and in a controlled environment. Thus the patented Paramill (wheelchair treadmill) was born and manual wheelchair users now have a new opportunity to achieve cardio workouts, strength conditioning, pulse and heart rate monitoring. SCI rehabilitation and athletic training exercise. The Paramill allows for stationary observation by trainers and therapists with performance and growth tracking capabilities. Accessible to both standard & athletic chairs, the Paramill's single or split roller options allow for customized rehabilitation and training in both forward or reverse motions. Discover for yourself why facilities around the world are bringing the Paramill into their locations.


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