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Awesome! Very patient friendly! I also can totally fall in love with this! Great in preventing all kinds of muscle atrophy in patients of any type! Very practical!

RN from Cleveland, Ohio

Michelle G.

Intriguing! Well designed! Can’t wait to buy one!

Energy Worker from San Luis, California

Carolyn S.

Well worth it! . The Stuck in Bed Fitness Solution is a true breakthrough in the medical fitness arena.

M.D. and owner of Turbo Slim Clinic Cleveland, Ohio

David G

Perfect for my elderly parents! Especially in helping them get Out OF BED also! LOVE IT! MUST BUY NOW!

Stay At Home Shopper & Grandmother from Cleveland, Ohio

Linda B.

Brilliant! This device broadens and expands the horizon for the elderly while stuck in bed.

Occupational Therapist from Cleveland, Ohio

Aliza F.

A working mom doesn't always have time to fit in a full workout. This system can fit into my large size bag so that even when I'm on break at work, waiting at the doctor's office or riding the subway - I can always fit in a workout. Not only does the system build muscle strength, it's great for muscle tone and wide stretches that can't be done on your own. The instruction manual shows you ways of building each muscle group and taking advantage of stretches your body needs to recuperate.

Actress, Host

Justine G.

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