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I recommend the Ultimate Workout and Recovery Complete Exercise and Rehab Convenience Gym, and hope that the In-Bed and Chair Recovery Foundation is able to put one of these home gyms in the hands of every person who needs it. Click Here to read more.

Former NFL Player

Donovan Greer

The Ultimate Workout and Recovery Exercise and Rehab Convenience Gym is designed specifically to be used from a seated position. I am helping to get disabled players and veterans to be able to use this equipment. The good news is, the equipment can be used by anyone in the family who wants to get a good workout.Click Here to read more.

Former NFL Player

Larry Centers

Hope…’s all we have in our lives. And this piece of equipment gives us one more ounce of hope. I will shout from the mountain tops about Ultimate Workout And Recovery to help one more person gain that ounce of hope. Every reason in the world why the MILLIONS disabled child or adult alike should know about this life saver and game changer. God bless us all. Click Here to read more.

Mother of special needs child from Kentucky

Amy Henderson

Brilliant! This device broadens and expands the horizon for the elderly while stuck in bed.

Occupational Therapist from Cleveland, OH

Aliza F

Amazing program! I feel like a new man. Lots of major exciting benefits from someone my age at my stage!

76 year old active senior, CEO

Gerald J

I am so excited to discover Stuck In Bed Fitness! I only wish it had been around back when I was confined to my house with an ankle injury. Now I look forward to sharing this with my 16 year old grandson who is confined to the house and misses going to the Gym.

Model, Actress Massachusetts

Karen Ann Martino

The Stuck In Bed system allows for optimal strengthening and conditioning for patients that are recovering from injuries or illness. It’s also the ideal system for people who want to incorporate healthy lifestyle modifications into their lives, but have limited time.

ER Physician Cleveland, Ohio

Dr. Rafael I.

I was SO surprised how easy this machine was to use! As a working mom I could DEFINITELY use this in the morning BEFORE work or AFTER work, while in bed after a long day! Cannot wait to get mine.

Dental Hygienist & Mom from Beachwood, Ohio

Amy G.

Incomparable craftsmanship and stylish yet uncompromising quality.

Quality Control Metals Specialist from Euclid, Ohio

David P.

Wow! Can’t beat this! Absolutely perfect for anyone looking to do a multitude of workouts while immobile!

Pilates Instructor, Martial Arts Black Belt, Yoga Specialist, and Mother of 3 from Cleveland, Ohio

Maria S.

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