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"As the owner of a pediatric private practice, I am always looking for new ways to motivate children to build strength, range of motion and coordination. It can be challenging to find activities and equipment that can target specific muscle groups for very focused work with this population, especially when children are in rehab for pre-surgical strengthening and post-surgical recovery. The Ultimate Workout and Recovery System is useful in that it enables children to work in a seated, supine or standing position, depending on what positions are accessible to them. I have found the unit particularly useful for children with unilateral weakness and decreased coordination as a result of brain injury. The unit can be colorful, with the use of different bands and tubing, which attracts children to it and increases their motivation to use it.." Click Here to read more.

Riverdale Kids Physical Therapy

Dorian Pascoe

The Ultimate Workout And Recovery Portable Gym has been beneficial to many of our students with physical disabilities. It is easily accessible to those in wheelchairs as well as those who can stand. The resistance bands allow for strengthening but also provide some assist for Range of Motion. The variety of weights of bands makes the gym useful for the students with less muscle strength as well as the students with average to greater abilities. The Gym is easily assembled and disassembled so it can be moved to different locations. It is light weight enough to be picked up and moved within the same building. Our students enjoyed using the Gym in part because it allowed them to more fully participate in the Physical Education class.

Physical Therapist

Amanda Deshler

"Great work to the team at The Ultimate Workout and Recovery System. This system empowers everyone to keep moving, to build their strength and be the best they can be. The system is fantastic, helping non-mobile individuals to keep improving their bodies and mind." Click Here to read more.

Life Coach & Group Exercise Instructor

Lisa Dwoskin

This is truly the ULTIMATE workout system! You only need FIVE minutes for a great fulfilling workout from your chair or bed or standing up! Highly recommended great investment for ALL moms and caregivers who want to use it with loved ones whether kids or anyone right from their den! Fast fun fitness for your family at its BEST!
Click Here to read more.

Celebrity Whole Body Fitness Expert

Darci Bawdon

James, a former Army Ranger, is incredibly focused on regaining full range of motion, stability and mobility - post stroke. The Ultimate Workout and Recovery (UWAR) System provides a new way for him to achieve this goal on its multiple components which target the specific muscle groups. Click Here to read more.

Former Army Ranger

James Blair

As a former professional soccer player, I know all too well how challenging it can be to recover from an ankle or knee injury. So, I applaud Ultimate Workout and Recovery (UWR) for inventing a home gym that allows bed or chair-bound individuals - whether their condition is temporary or permanent - to get a full workout. . Click Here to read more.

Former Major League Soccer Player

Mychel Jones

Finally, a product has been developed to help people in wheelchairs or beds stay fit and strong. The Ultimate Workout and Recovery system is life changing and a must have tool for anyone who wants to exercise but may have limitations. Click Here to read more.

Functional Aging Specialist & Founder of DOD Fitness

Gretchen Zelek

After taking some time to review the Ultimate Workout And Recovery System, I'm certain that it would be tremendously beneficial for everyone especially as a tool to empower moms. Click Here to read more.

Certified Holistic Life Coach

Shelley Rohl

The Ultimate Workout and Recovery system looks to be extremely useful for people confined to a bed or chair. A great invention for rehab, exercise and muscle training to stay active and expedite your road to recovery! Click Here to read more.

Creator of Flabs 2 Abs

Craig Lewandowski

I find the Ultimate Workout and Recovery System perfect for anyone rehabbing or confined to a bed or wheelchair. So many muscles can be worked with this system, along with cardio, to keep patients active and tone. It’s a wonderful and innovative system. Click Here to read more.

Triple Firefighters Fitness

Michael Fernandes

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